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Feel Beautiful, Sexy & Confident.

Fun, empowering boudoir photoshoots to remind you who you are.

Michigan's #1 Boudoir Photography Studio


Want to Reclaim the Real You?

Fall Back in Love with Yourself! With an empowering boudoir photo shoot. For EVERY Woman. ALL SIZES, ALL SHAPES, ALL AGES, ALL ETHNICITIES are meant to feel confident and sexy as themselves.

How It Works:

Step 1:

Choose Your Date

Step 2:

Chat About Styling and Inspiration

Step 3:

Show Up & Have Fun!

Watch the Video to See What a Real Boudoir Photo Shoot is Like:

This Could be You!
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You get in life what you have the courage to go after. Stop telling yourself old stories of who you are and find the REAL you.

I became a boudoir photographer to help women like YOU feel empowered and in control of their own destiny, body, and sexuality. Women are often told how to look and what to feel. I want women to feel confident in doing what they want, looking how they want, and feeling whatever they want.

Boudoir photo shoots are a chance to show your authentic self. Be inspired to create something beautiful that speaks of your soul and who you truly are. Unleash that gorgeous goddess within.

I’ve created a space that empowers women to peel back the layers and show off the REAL you. Read the journeys of the Muses as they discuss what inspired them to do a shoot and how it transformed and grew their own confidence and self-love.

Learn more about WHY I became a boudoir photographer and how I started my journey to empower women.

Xoxo, Michelle

See what our clients are saying about their experience!

glamorous boudoir photo

If you are looking for a confidence boost, to feel more empowered, and to love who you are on the outside, Michelle is the photographer for you!! My experience with her was amazing!!

I have never felt beautiful. I am a confident woman, who has always succeeded in accomplishing my goals, but never loved who I am on the outside. Michelle brought out that beauty. I can truly see myself in a different way and am now more confident as a presence in any room.

I was nervous when I came in, as I am sure everyone is. I never imagined doing anything like this. Michelle’s “bedside” manner helped rid me of my nerves rather quickly. She has such a calming presence and her humor just brings out the smiles so they do not look fake and posed. I would recommend this experience to any woman I know!! The results were so artistic, feminine, classy, and beautiful!! I felt very empowered to make decisions, ask questions, and give ideas! Thank you, Michelle!!!

Intimate Boudoir Photo Shoot in Grand Rapids

Even though I arrived a little nervous my nerves were quickly calmed. It was so empowering to be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and see these photos that show confidence and curves!!

The instant connection I felt with Michelle made everything fun! I was honestly shocked! They looked so beautiful. Before the shoot I wasn’t sure I’d be able to look at the photos without picking myself apart, instead it made me feel so much more confident in myself. It was hard to only pick out the ones I did since I loved them all so much!

Empowerment to me means feeling proud to be you! Unapologetically yourself <3 Do it! Even if you’re nervous just jump in, with Michelle behind the camera you won’t be disappointed!

Self Love and Empowerment in West Michigan

Going into the shoot I felt like a woman who has battled and overcome a lot. After the shoot I felt empowered. My outside was reflective of the goddess I know lies within me. I am known among my friends as being confident in my voluptuous body but the shoot helped me see beauty where I previously hadn’t.

This is something I have desired to do for a while now. To embrace all of who I am as a woman.

Truly it was one of the most fun and positive experiences of my life. I got to share my story with these amazing women, who accepted me and cheered me on! The whole team was amazing. I felt comfortable and confident throughout, like I was hanging out with my girlfriends!

It was really cool to see the strength and confidence I’ve been cultivating inside reflected in my physical appearance! Do it! Splurge on an opportunity to tell *your* story, to celebrate how far you’ve come, to see and show the goddess you really are!

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