Michigan #1 Boudoir Photo Studio in Grand Rapids Michigan (1)

I offer custom in-person and online mentoring options for photographers who would like to learn more about a specific topic or have general questions about boudoir and portrait photography. Contact me to learn more!

In-Studio Mentoring

Are you looking for help with posing, lighting or directing your clients? I offer in-studio mentoring sessions where I show you one-on-one how to pose and direct a client (or couple) through a complete boudoir shoot. We will also cover lighting patterns and best ways to flatter your client with light. Contact me for more info or to set up your personal mentoring session!

Online Mentoring

Are you a photographer who needs help with marketing, advertising, website design, SEO, pricing, social media, editing, or something similar? Schedule a one hour online mentoring call that is personalized to your needs. We’ll go over any business or photography questions that you have!

Not sure which would be the best fit for you? Send me a message and I’ll help you figure it out!